“ Infinite Loop of Innovations to make our Customers become the Benchmark ”

2JK’s mission is to provide comprehensive and customized solutions to our customers to stand above their competitions with our innovative technologies and capabilities anchored to our success cases and scenarios from the “Team” who has rich and extensively accumulated know-hows with wide yet closely connected networks in the industry.

It is also our passion to help our clients to achieve their highest financial objectives by reducing costs by offering personalized, focused, and customized services in procurement cost reduction solutions that specializes in out-sourcing, second source development, and vendor management from our database where we have more then 400 suppliers in Korea and 200+ in abroad who they are qualified to global leading chip-manufacturers and OEMs.

With decades of experience coupled with technical and operational expertise in semiconductor, 2JK aims to maximize your overall cost structures in OPEX and CAPEX.

With our services, customer will be able to achieve their true competitive position in the market in this dynamic industry by having the latest, true and comprehensive benchmark.

Company Profile

  • Established in 2013 January 8th to Serve South-East Asia High-Tech Manufacturing Clients
  • Headquarter and Warehouse in Singapore
  • Manufacturing Sites in Korea and Sales Offices in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Israel
  • In house repair and refurbishment capability with dedicated Manufacturing Facilities
  • 34 Direct Employees and 78 Indirect Employees from the Jointly Owned Subsidiaries. Also 200 over from our Exclusive Contracted, and Sub-Contract Partners
  • Strong R&D, Process, Manufacturing, and Field Engineering Team

Business Field

The 2jk team has the most valuable and specialized experience in the area of semiconductor fabrication, in the perspective of manufacturing innovations, cost savings, fab-wide consolidation, and technology transition & transformation. 2JK has been providing the consulting services in the areas encompassing the entire semiconductor eco-system

Most Profound Understanding and Relationships in Semiconductor Eco-System

  • Manufacturing Technology & Capacity Improvement (*MAXOUT)
  • Line Start-UP, Expansion and Tech Conversion
  • Merger & Acquisition and CAPEX Financing
  • PM Management & Equipment Maintenance
  • Relocation & Project Management
  • Equipment Sourcing, Re-conditioning and Refurbishing
  • Utility and Faculty Upgrade and Removal
  • Spare Parts with sourcing, developing and Repair Services
  • Raw/Subsidiary Materials
  • Components and Sub Modules
  • CIP and Innovative Parts with Value Engineering
  • Memory Products Sourcing
  • Sorting, Rework and Repair Services
  • Technical Enabling with OEM and ODM Business Model

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