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Equipment Relocation

We have experienced in more than 12,000+ of 200mm and 5,500+ of 300mm tools had been de-installed and relocated done within Korea semiconductor FABs. Since 2007, Korea End-Customers began to feel the importance of having 2nd sourced vendors who can handle the 300mm relocation scopes; with such, more than 50% of relocations have been done by 2nd Sourced Vendors.

Projects are on-going in Singapore Micron FAB10W, FAB10N, FAB13; Taiwan FAB16.

  • Enough Experiences on de-installation & relocation
  • Abundant resources on engineering availability & capability
  • Price competitiveness (vs. OEM)
  • Limited tool model supported for relocations on 300mm
  • Limited tool refurbishment & modification on 300mm
  • Limited spare parts provided on 300mm
  • No authority on Software license
  • New business boundary opened
  • Not too many competitors except OEM
  • High Engineering Knowledge Needed
  • Turn-Key Tool De-installation & Relocation opportunity
  • Conflict with OEM
  • Risk can be still high with some of the tool models on 300mm
  • IP issues regarding S/W and Spare parts

FAB Relocation & Turn Key Solution

Based on our clearly understanding on your needs we provide customized inspection, de-installation, logistics, warehousing and relocation services.

Start-Up FLOW (General)

Start-Up Flow (Detailed)

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