Fab-Wide Consulting (T.C.O)

Fab-Wide Consulting (T.C.O.)

  • TCO is abbreviated symbol and trade-mark of 2JK’s unique product called “Technology Collaborative Optimization”.
  • Our TCO team has the most valuable and extensive experiences within the Semiconductor Industry, in the perspectives of:
Maximum Capacity-Up, with Minimum CAPEX Spent
Fab-Wide Relocations and Fab Consolidations
Fab-Wide and Technology Transitions and Transformations
Highest Standards on Yield and Qualities
Semiconductor Merger and Acquisition Consulting and Related Structured Financing
  • TCO is to help our clients develop customized solutions to best optimize the current business operation to achieve its most competitive position in its industry together with maximum profit, through open collaboration with 2JK and utilizing our best experiences, unique talents, and know-hows.

Product Offering

Operational Solution
  • FAB-Wide PM Management
  • Equipment Maintenance Management
  • Supply Chain Management
FAB Optimization Management
  • FAB-Wide Relocation & Project Management
  • FAB-Wide Technology Transition & FAB Conversion
  • Unit Process / WSG & FAB-Wide Capacity-Up
Management Consulting
  • Semiconductor FAB Merger & Acquisitions
  • CAPEX & Acquisition Financing
  • Resource Management Consulting
Factory Design & Construction
  • Semiconductor Building / FAB Design & Construction
  • Facility & Utility Design and Installation

What Does It Do?

Cost Effective
  • Make a bold decision for cost reduction using 2nd qualified parts
  • Capacity-Up thru Productivity improvement
Yield Improvement
  • Raise the efficiency of production thru quality assurance
  • Thru manufacturing technique enhancement
Process Enhancement
  • Benchmark a successful case of a leading overseas companies
  • Thru Technology Innovative activity
FAB-Wide/Cost/Process Optimization
  • Creation of innovative solutions that is customized to help specific customers to meet their need, in terms of FAB-wide/cost/process optimization and Yield Enhancement

Desired Outcome



Achieving a lower $/K wafer-out investment index
  • Using the same dollar-investment to achieve higher output.
  • Achieving Cost Reduction thru Capacity-Up
Maintaining or increasing utilization capacity amidst complex device change and layers added
While device changes takes place, addition of layers will inevitably reduce total FAB output, and the challenge is on maintaining or yet increasing FAB output
Maintaining or Improve Quality & Yield at the same time
In most cases, it is not easy to maintain quality & yield amidst cost reduction and manufacturing technology changes; however, we can do all at once


  • Management and TCO Team comes from various related backgrounds of semiconductor chip manufacturers, various OEM, Financing, 2nd Hand Equipment Trading, Refurbishment, Engineering, Parts Developments, Manufacturing and etc…
  • TCO Team members, as individuals, have multiple proven success track records in the industry, who are reputable and with “hands-on” experiences; ranging from C-level executives to managers.
  • TCO itself operates on a proprietary and proven methodology, that constantly and repeatedly brings about guaranteed success to customers whom we engage with.
  • The team within 2JK is what makes a difference in the outcome; we commit, and we deliver.
  • 2JK is the FIRST Company in the Market with Manufacturing Technology Consulting Services with the Proven Records; and our members are all TEAM Players together with POSITIVE Attitudes and Winning Mind-Sets, which that will strive to work with the customers with sincerities to achieve SHARED SUCCESSES.

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