Supply Chain Management

Special Coating Services


Special Coating Services

  • Real time onsite support
  • Quality control on site
  • Improvement Capabilities by Micron needs
  • Management Report
  • Local facility in future


  • Local Engineering related Services
  • Local Process Support for Parts Developments and Improvements
  • Local Manufacturing and Repair Center & Repair-exchange program
  • Local Parts Stock Warehouse
  • More than Several Hundreds of Parts, Materials, and Module Suppliers in 2JK’s Database whom they are already qualified in Major Semiconductor Chip and Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Highest Quality Standards to Meet Customer Requirements
  • Utmost Competitiveness Price
  • Guidance and Consultation to Determine System Configuration
  • Guaranteed Spare Parts Availability and Technical Support

Spare Parts

Current On-Going Project in SEA

  • 200mm AMAT CVD/PVD Parts Supply in Singapore
    • Hundreds of Qualified Spare Parts
    • Constant Supply with Heater, ESC, Ceramic Parts and O-rings
    • Repair Service on Heater, ESC, Valve, Pumps etc.
    • Annual Contract Based Spare Part Supply
  • Utility Parts Supply/Promotion in Singapore, Taiwan and Japan
    • New Pumps and Pump Repair Service
    • New Chillers
    • New Gas Scrubber and Parts including Column


Potential Spare Parts Capability

  • 2nd Qualified Spare Parts
  • Used Working Spare Parts
  • Repair Service
  • All Process Section
    • Photo, ETCH, T/F, DIFF, WET etc