Technical Service

Equipment Remanufacturing

Current 200mm Equipment Market Situation

  • Driven by Costs and the fact that some new equipment is often no longer available as the OEM discontinued the product line.
  • OEM support for some 200mm systems is “starting to dry up”. Thus the need to partner with global based third party
  • A number of 200mm tools are currently available on the market, but
    • Tool condition are often an unknown
    • Equipment may be stored in a warehouse, thus operating conditions cannot
      be evaluated
    • No or poor data exist about equipment shutdown

How to prepare Remanufactured Equipment

  • Challenge : how fully remanufactured tools have been prepared in time
  • Ways to address this issue include;
    • Lower cost and rapid tool inspections with global based partner
    • Third party equipment services with global scale
    • Long range visibility of equipment availability – Intimate & Deepest Connections
      & Networks in ODM, OEM, OPM and 2ND Vendors
    • Understanding of Parts/Repair/Cleaning Market and Qualified 2nd Sources Vendors Networks
      • Activate 2nd Source, Repair, Cleaning and CIP parts

Remanufacturing Process

Remanufacturing Activities – Experiences

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